SASO/SABER Certificate

As part of the national transformation programs 2020 and 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SASO has designed the Saudi Product Safety Programme, also known as TQS.
Starting from January 2019, SABER Platform was launched to support the Saudi Product Safety Programme for SASO Technical Regulations. The Saudi Product Safety Programme includes a two-stage certification process:

  • Product Certification

  • Shipment Certification of Regulated Products exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To facilitate this certification process, SASO has approved Certification Bodies (CBs) such as TQS for the various geographical regions to issue the Product CoC and Shipment CoC for Regulated Products.


SABER Certification Saudi Arabia

The new Saudi certification scheme SALEEM operates via the new online platform called SABER. SABER is the portal where importers must register their products to be imported and provide all necessary information related to the product and shipment.
All product consignments intended to be imported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must present the Certificates of Conformity at Saudi Customs for a smooth clearance.



Once the product certificate is issued on the SABER platform changes are not permitted. Any change needed in product certification after issuance is considered as a new certification request.
New models are allowed to be added in existing product certification after successful verification of model relation with existing certified product, to be strictly same as the certified product type. Product Identity Declaration is needed from Manufacturer for consideration.

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