Halal Certification


Halal Certification

Halal Policies

Al Tair Quality Services (TQS) is a Halal Certification Body, working dedicatedly to ensure Halal Lifestyle in our society. We are committed to establish an internationally recognized Halal certification body which promotes professionalism and excellence in the process of certifying, monitoring and promoting Halal products in accordance with the Divine dictates of the Shari’ah(الشريعة) (Islamic Law). We will ensure that we will not certify anything which is beyond the barriers of Quran and Sunnah and the Shari’ah(الشريعة) (Islamic Law). We will accomplish this by:
• Offering internationally recognized Accredited certification services such PNAC, Jakim, GAC etc.
• Providing shariah compliant Halal certification for the need of Muslim Ummah
• Training our staff to deliver audits that satisfy Halal Products Manufacturing Clients and the Standards

Halal Policies

Al Tair Quality Services (TQS) is a Halal Certification Body, working dedicatedly to ensure Halal Lifestyle in our society. Al Tair Quality Services’ management is committed to the safeguarding of impartiality for that reason, our top management has derived an impartiality policy as per the requirements of the standards. To safeguard the auditing and decision making in the context of the issuance of certificate. We have rules and regulations that control the implementation and adherence to ensure a fair, robust and high quality of service is delivered to our customers.
Halal Policy
• That we understand the importance of the halal in caring
• Out our management system certification activities.
• That we have identified, analyze the possibilities to conflict of
• Interest and the threats to the halal.
• That we safeguard and manage the conflict of interest.
• That we ensure the objectivities of management system activities.

Halal Policies

Al Tair Quality Services has an independent committee, who oversees the rules and guidance of our halal process are implemented and adhered to. Each employee or associate has the responsibility to comply with the process and guidelines for halal. Any instance where an employee, associate, or customer feel there is a threat to our impartiality you are welcome to contact our Chief Executive Officer, who has authority to initiate a full investigation into your enquiry.

Disclose-able Interest

As employees of TQS all members of the staff have a duty of fidelity to TQS under their contracts of employment and signed confidentiality agreements. All members of staff are obliged to give prime commitment of time and intellectual ability/ energy for the benefit and well be-being of TQS. Specific responsibilities and activities that constitute this commitment will differ according to specific roles, but must be based on an understanding of what is acceptable between the individual member of staff and TQS. It is not acceptable for an individual’s action or decisions made in course of his/her activities to be determined by consideration of personal goals, other than normal aspiration and behaviors related to promotion or professional development. such behavior calls into question the professional objectivity and ethics of the individual and reflects negatively on TQS.

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